going for a check

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not writer's armpit

from the picture, u can see a small lump near the armpit. so yeah, i have that thing. dah lama dia menapak di situ tanpa membayar sewa dan juga cukai. before this it felt like a small pimple, seriously i did not take it seriously. but lama-lama, it got bigger and bigger and bigger and sampai tersembul keluar mencurahkan segala isi di dalam seperti gunung berapi exskhjauleif (x tau nak eja) dekat finland tu . okay just exaggerating. tapi memang betul dia membesar dengan sihat dan kuat.

scared macam paranoid so i buat keputusan nak pergi check di hospital pusrawi tomorrow. government hospital sucks. and cuti rehat khas dah diapply, appointment dengan doktor pakar pun dah buat jadi kita tunggu saja apa kata doktor esok. doktor, tolong bagitahu benda yang baik-baik je ye. kesian kat saya. saya nak kawin bulan 6 jadi tolong ye doktor?


Torture Diet!

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saat ini i can see stars and birdies dancing around my head. not because i'm on cloud nine. tapi sebab aku laparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

starting from today until this coming sunday, i'm doing this torture diet suggested by a dear friend of mine. if i really follow the plan, i can lose 3-4 kgs in a week.

so why u're doing this? bukan ke kau dah kurus?

kurus ketika hari bekerja sahaja sebab aku jaga makan minum and exercise. tapi sampai je hujung minggu, i'm feasting! so it's like no point at all la kan? just like last weekend, i splurged on chicken chop, some meatballs, a bowl of broccoli, daim cake and creme caramel at ikea (they are all so tempting!). then 4-5 hours later makan bihun tomyam dekat midvalley. ini perut ke lori sampah?

so the solution for this problem is, i'll endure this torture diet. And for the first day, i can only eat fruits (except for bananas). plain water kena minum 10 gelas. To Encik Toilet, i'll visit you time and again!


por favor!

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So here's the thing, i assigned the form 3 students to do a role-play on a job interview. Why job interview? Actually this is just an enrichment activity for them since they are going to learn how to write a job application letter later. And i believe this can be a preparation for a real world to all the kids.

Their role-play was awesome. Some were serious and some were hilarious. Hampir nak pecah perut aku tengok diorang berlakon. Never thought they are a bunch of talented students. I also recorded all the role-plays and now i'm having this difficulty to decide which group did their very best. So i'm requesting you guys to help me to decide. Below are the videos. And sorry because the sound quality is not good. Jadi sila guna speaker yg best2.

Athirah's Group

Jason's Group

Aimran's group

Geevendran's groups

Athirah's group and Jason's group are clean, proper, ethical and realistic. While the other 2 groups are entertainingly funny and creative. Siap ada guard and the interviewee bribed the interviewer segala. So that's why it's hard for me to evaluate them. What do think guys? HELPPPPPPPPPP!


light update

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life at this point is great. and u know why obviously. a lot of things have changed. in terms of career, i no longer teach in mahmud. heck i don't want to remember the humiliating part when we were kicked here and there like a football. still missing mahmud though but then may be there are reasons for things to happen. instead of the work piles, i find peace and harmony in the current school (yeah current, because i won't stay long there). i become more dedicated, more responsible, more diligent than before. and the students are more brilliant. and the best part is i quit handling tarian! finally after 3 years. tapi kene handle kelab aerobik pulak. sigh.

today's lesson, sit-ups.. and one, and two, and three, and four...

anyway, i would like to thank the Almighty for giving me all this opportunity. aku dapat merasa mengajar di sekolah yang bagus, dapat memperbaiki diri, dapat menempuhi cabaran dengan tenang. pantang maut sebelum ajal, right everyone?